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If you've never been to reddit.com, for the love of Cthulhu, don't go now.  It's a never-ending black hole that will soak up every last second of free time you have, ruin your academic/working life, and only give you pictures of cats in return. If you have been already, though, then you know that reddit is basically a user-driven, submission-based site that people can tailor to suit their own needs.  Popular stuff gets "upvoted," and goes to the top of the heap to be viewed by everybody; unpopular stuff gets "downvoted into oblivion."  Also, for savvy veterans, there are subreddits, or highly specialized realms of information where people of a particular common interest come to talk about, and submit links of, things they like. Yesterday, as I was studying Constitutional law looking at pictures of cats, I discovered r/Wildcats. Overall, it looks like a great place to show off that elaborate ping-pong table you decorated with all the current UK players' jerseys.  Or that video of your grandma shouting vulgar obscenities at Malcom White after he tried to throw the People's Elbow on Anthony Davis.  Heck, even your step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect Flat Top can find a perfect home there.  Also, the comment system is designed to foster chains of conversations, instead of isolated instances.  That way, you can clearly respond to one another when you're fighting about which of you is the bigger Kentucky fan (and remember, we're all winners). What's more, they have a list of Kentucky sports blogs to visit on their page: Hey!  There at the top!  That's us!  It's clear that the moderators of r/Wildcats have good taste.  Don't think we don't appreciate it. So, if you want to head over there yourself and start commenting on and submitting items in an ultimately vain attempt to gain karma, check it out here.  Be careful, though.  There are corners of reddit that you don't want to visit.  Don't say I didn't warn you. If you want more generalized college basketball, then that's available too.  But really, start with this Kentucky subreddit.  It's only fitting that a website so infatuated with cats has a special place for our Wildcats.   Also, because I promised it, here you go 'ohhsnaps'. Instant karma.

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