Sacha Killeya-Jones happy out of the spotlight at NC State

Sacha Killeya-Jones happy out of the spotlight at NC State

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Sacha Killeya-Jones transferred to NC State back in May; today, he opened up about his decision to leave Kentucky in an interview with The Athletic’s CL Brown. Killeya-Jones, who will sit out this season per NCAA rules, said he doesn’t regret his time at Kentucky because it made him a better player, but admitted the fishbowl lifestyle in Lexington grew old.

“When you go out (in Raleigh), not everyone is going to recognize you and know your first, middle and last name as soon as they see you,” Killeya-Jones says. “You go somewhere, they might recognize you’re a basketball player, but you might have more friendly conversations and less interactions with, like, crazed fans and stuff like that.”

Killeya-Jones recalled some fan interactions that went over the line, including the Louisville fan that tweeted him a picture holding a gun up to a UK stuffed animal after his signing class posed with Ls Down at the McDonald’s All-American Game. That’s an extreme example, but Killeya-Jones said he’s enjoying being out of the spotlight in Raleigh.

As John Calipari says, Kentucky’s not for everyone. Best of luck to Sacha at NC State.

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