Sal's Chophouse's Tuesday Morning Wakeup

Sal's Chophouse's Tuesday Morning Wakeup

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sals Lexingtonians, you have until Sunday evening to get one last meal at Sal's Chophouse or Meats in the Landsdowne Shoppes. The two BHG establishments are closing for good to make room for more Malone's Banquets space, because Lexington can never have too much Malone's. I'm a big Sal's brunch guy and I'll miss those delicious yeast rolls at dinnertime. It's tough to see it go after 13 years in business. Meats BBQ Mkt., which hasn't even been open a year, won't exactly be missed. It seemed to struggle from Day 1 despite a huge marketing push from the BHG team, which normally crushes everything they do. So get on over to Landsdowne for one last run with Sal's -- or Meats, if that's your thing -- before it's gone forever. I plan to go one night this week to pay my respects and eat my weight in rolls, and I'll pour some juice from my McCarty's Medallions on the curb to say goodbye. Let's do some news...   It's unlikely we will see Drew Barker on Saturday. Barker held the QB1 slot when the pre-South Carolina depth chart was released early Monday morning, but Mark Stoops' comments throughout the day made it sound like Barker will be unable to go on Saturday, leaving Stephen Johnson and his hot hand to the starting role against the Gamecocks. When first asked about Barker's back injury, Stoops said, "We’ll see as the week goes on. I’m in no position to talk about that right now. He had an MRI and will consult with our doctors and some specialists and get to the bottom of it and see what’s best for him.” But then on his Monday evening call-in show, he told listeners it will take a "miraculous recovery" for Barker to be ready this coming weekend. Barker will see a specialist tomorrow and will very likely be in street clothes for Game 4. Marcus McWilson, you've been called out. It's now or never for safety Marcus McWilson after Stoops called him out during the Monday press conference. Stoops said, "Marcus McWilson is a guy that needs to play better. I was counting on him coming into the year and Darius (West) got hurt but I thought that Marcus would battle him for that spot all along, but with Darius going down it weakened us. He has to step up and play better there so maybe we can play Blake (McClain) back at some nickel and continue to use Kendall in nickel and dime." McWilson is one of only four seniors in the two-deep on the defensive side of the ball and the first of Stoops' big-time gets in the recruiting game. He's had his share of good plays in his three years and three games, but he's also had his share of blunders, unfortunately. (Never forget the dropped interception of 2014.) Stoops is right in saying he needs to play better, but it's rare for a coach to call out an individually publicly. Hopefully he responds, because the D sure as hell needs him. Let's go, Marcus. Kentucky and Alabama will kick off under the lights on... ESPN??!!! WHY?!!!!!!!!!! The Cats' game down in Tuscaloosa will be the primetime game on ESPN (the main one) on October 1, the SEC announced yesterday. I'm surprised they're allowed to air that murder live on television -- seems like it'd be too graphic for regular cable. John Calipari visited John Petty last night. Switching over to basketball, John Calipari was back on the recruiting trail last night when he visited John Petty down in Alabama. Petty has slid down recruiting rankings in recent months and he is now outside the top 30 in the 247 Composite, but he remains one of Cal's priorities in the 2017 class. Once a top 10 recruit, Petty came close to committing to Kentucky earlier this year over his home state school, Alabama. It is still a two-horse race for his services between those schools, and Cal's visit, his second in 11 days, means UK isn't going away anytime soon. Marshawn Lynch in the wilderness with Bear Grylls is the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time. I need you to trust me on something. I need you to watch Marshawn Lynch on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Lynch went on a two-day adventure in Corsica with the crazy TV explorer and it is one of the best things I've seen on TV. Here, watch this brief clip to get a taste: If you didn't like Lynch before, you'll love him after seeing how he handles the wild. The full 40-minute clip can be found on or YouTube. Watch it. Trust me. KSR coming up with Matt and Ryan. You know the drill: Tune in at 10 am.

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