Sam Cooke's Tuesday News and Views (and JUCO Big Man NAMED)
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Sam Cooke's Tuesday News and Views (and JUCO Big Man NAMED)

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
uytuyt Everybody has that one musician who the mere sound of their voice makes you smile and you begin to sway to whatever song they are crooning. For me, that singer is today's birthday honoree, the great Sam Cooke. Say whatever you want about any singer of the past, but for my taste, Sam Cooke's voice is as good as there has ever been. His lists of hits is long and amazing, ranging from "You Send Me" to "Wonderful World" to "Chain Gang." However for my taste, some of Sam's best works were more under the radar songs, such as "Touch the Hem of his Garment" and "Meet Me at Mary's Place." He also was the first to record "Another Saturday Night", which has been sung by almost every Kentucky Sports Radio crew member at some point in their lives. Cooke's music has been a part of my life since I was a young child and his Greatest Hits CD is one of the indisposable holdings that goes with me anywhere. Sam died in a bizarre way, shot down in a $3 a night hotel....not the way you want to go when you are the "King of Soul." If you get a chance today, download a Sam Cooke song....and then remind yourself that no matter how much Justin Timberlake may shake his thing, he cant sing like that. To the news...... (1) KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE: Tonight is a game of national implications for the Cats and one where the spotlight will firmly be on the men in Blue. After playing three big games to start their SEC season, the Cats get a 4th tonight when Bruce Pearl (who we will have a greater look into later today) and his bright orange jacket and 20-something ladies come into Lexington for an ESPN tilt. This game represents the last real shot for the Cats to get a win of national significance and can place the Wildcats on path to have a strong SEC season. Bruce Pearl has said he is scared of this UK bunch and the Cat players have said they arent scared of the UT bunch. Sounds like a potential win eh? Not so fast my friend. There is likely no team this season that UK matches up worse with as the new-look Vols contain a number of versatile bigger guys who the Cats will have fits guarding in the half-court. For Kentucky to win, they must slow it down a realization echoed by Billy Clyde in the press conference today. But even in the half-court, it is unclear if the Cats have enough firepower to simply score the number of points it will take to win. The Cats must put up 75-80 to take a victory. The question is whether this team is capable of putting up that much offense. On the injury front, both Meeks and Jasper should play. ken-bowman.jpg (2) JUCO BIG MAN NAMED: We have speculated for months as to who the 2008 JUCO big men are that Kentucky is recruiting to join the team next year. Today I was given one name that UK is considering and who the coaches are in continuous contact with. Ken Bowman is a 6'9" Power Forward from Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, and seems to have caught the Cats eye. He is 6'9", 220 pounds and is having a big year for his JUCO team, averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds a game. He has a double-double in 75% of the games this year and came into the season as a preseason 2nd Team JUCO All American. As of now no visit has been taken, but one could materialize in the coming few weeks. Watch for more on Bowman, who may be a name to keep track of in the coming month. (3) SCOTTY HOPSON: Scotty Hopson is scheduled to be my guest tonight on our show on 93.9 The Ticket. The news on Scotty has been mixed up to this point. Marc Maggard has reported that UK has made the decision to recruit Scotty again. However Scotty has said that he has yet to be contacted by Kentucky in weeks and he told me that he felt like UK was no longer interested. However this may have changed in the last few days and tonight we will find out more about where Scotty stands. While some have questioned some of Scotty's attitude issues, one thing is beyond question. He is one of the best players to come out of this state in a long, long time. If the Cats are interested, it will be a big recruitment to follow. (4) SUPER LORENZEN: One of the best things to watch in this NFL season has been the rise of the Hefty Lefty. Ok, well maybe not a rise....he hasnt really played except to do a QB sneak all season. However he is a constant presence on the sideline, with a big red face, cheering on Eli and his Giant teammates. Now he is headed to the Super Bowl, and the chance to become a media superstar. Jared was amazing on his appearance on our show earlier this year, and we hope to get him at some point this week. But either way, there is a part of me that would like to see a huge 4th and 1 at the goal line, and a large Hefty Lefty come and check in and give them the old fashioned sneak. Is that too much to ask? More throughout the day, including a breakdown of Bruce Pearl that you dont want to miss....

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