Sandstorm: "It's a cool tune when you're winning."

Sandstorm: "It's a cool tune when you're winning."

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Kentucky Football celebrated yet another win in the South Carolina series by blaring South Carolina’s own stadium anthem, “Sandstorm,” in the visiting locker room after the game.

Senior defensive lineman Marquan McCall gave fans a small glimpse of the Sandstorm postgame party via an Instagram live video from behind the scenes.

Looks like a great time.

Prior to arriving in Sandstorm Land, the Wildcats played the catchy Finnish EDM song throughout the four practices in the week leading up to the South Carolina game. Quarterback Will Levis said on Monday, “We’re trying to use that as fuel, just use it as motivation going into the game with some energy.”

Square: “It’s a cool tune.”

After the game with the win in hand, the Herald-Leader’s Josh Moore asked senior linebacker DeAndre Square if the Sandstorm celebration was pre-planned or if the dance party erupted organically.

“It was pretty organic,” said Square. “It’s a cool tune when you’re winning, but when you’re losing it’s a pretty irritating tune.”

Lucky for us fans at home, we weren’t able to hear much of the Gamecocks’ favorite song on ESPN’s broadcast of the game. However, the players really seemed to enjoy it during the celebration in Williams-Brice Stadium, Kentucky’s third such celebration in the last four trips to Columbia.

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