Santa Clara is Comin To Town

Santa Clara is Comin To Town

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Written by the Intern “Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay Rolled off of their ship, and here's what they had to say "We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore We can laugh our lives away and be free once more.” As the poetic prose of one hitter Blue’s Image indicates, Santa Clara has shipped in from the left coast to take on a confident Kentucky squad undoubtedly riding high after the conquering of embittered rivals, Indiana and Louisville. Best known for producing the twice reigning NBA MVP Steve Nash (pictured above with his wingman, chesthair), the Broncs appear poised for their first legitimate NCAA Tourney push since Nash’s final year in 1996. Santa Clara (9-3) is coming off an impressive thwarting of Stanford, and they’ve also beaten the likes of perennial powers Notre Dame De Namur, and Holy Names. The Broncos have an abundance of size, with three players of 6’11” or taller seeing significant minutes, including 7-footer John Higgins, a transfer from Western Kentucky. Hoping that cultural immersion will help them gain an edge on their opponent, the team paid a visit to the hallowed grounds of Claiborne Farm in Paris yesterday. Head Coach Dick Davey was even given a horse shoe from the hoof of newly retired stallion War Front, as a gesture of good luck. So if Santa Clara does in fact return to the left coast with a loss, at least they’ll have that little trinket to cherish forever. Pictures of the vist here click on Photo Gallery As for the university itself, Santa Clara is the oldest institution of higher learning in California, and is the oldest Catholic University in the West. Besides producing the aforementioned Nash, SC also gave us the Caucasian charictature Kurt Rambis, and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. So what is it like going to school at Santa Clara? Well, the fine folks at have been decent enough to enlighten us with the confessions from a few of its students: On the social scene: “I was at this cool party on the Dark Side, and a couple of merts started getting rowdy, so the cops came and gave us a forty-eight. It was totally weak sauce.” “I’ve been seeing way too many of those wannabe Abercrombie & Fitch merts with their polo collars popped. It’s obvious they spent a lot of time trying to make it look like they didn’t spend any time on their look. The girls are pretty hot; a lot of them are kinda stuck-up, though. But there are some that are really cool.” “Freshman year, the RA on my floor wrote up a bunch of people for drinking. Then one night he got wasted and passed out on the toilet; pants down and everything. So we called Campus Safety and told them we thought he had alcohol poisoning. There’s some great video footage of them waking him up. Huh? What does that have to do with on-campus housing? Well, it happened in a dorm. Duh.” So there you have it. Apparently “merts” are endangering the sanctity of this fine institution, with their popped collars and boisterous reveling antics. And RA’s are setting a fine example of what to do when you’re really drunk and tired, but still need to go. Spot: Rupp Arena Tip: 7:00 TV: FSN South

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