Saturday is a Must Win

Saturday is a Must Win

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[caption id="attachment_208413" align="alignnone" width="850"]Jim Brown | USA Today Jim Brown | USA Today[/caption] The Kentucky football team let a bowl birth slip through their fingertips last year in Nashville.  They know what's at stake Saturday. "Last year left a bad taste in our mouth.  We gotta win this game.  That's the type of game it is, we have to win," cornerback Derrick Baity said after today's practice. They were in position to win but, "We let that one get away," safety Mike Edwards said today. The Commodores only had 301 yards of offense a year ago, putting UK in position to win, but Wildcat turnovers and Vanderbilt trick plays resulted in points. The trick play hurts Baity the most. "I remember there was one play that seemed unreal.  They snuck a guy on the field.  You didn't know if he was in the game or out of the game, and they just threw it to him and he scored.  I don't think they're going to luck up this time." The team doesn't talk too much about getting to six, but they all know it will be tough to do if they don't win Saturday.  Baity is willing to go to great lengths to walk away with a win. "It's a must win.  Whatever it comes down to -- fighting, battling, like biting in the game -- it is what it is.  We've got to win." Edwards stated confidently, "We know what we have to do."

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