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Good morning, friends! Happy start of the NBA playoffs and hopefully Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy's draft day. There are a few links to be had so let's dive right into it. - Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News has weighed in on the Mark Emmert - John Calipari disagreement about the handling of one-and-done players. DeCourcy writes a thoughtful article about the need for explanation from Emmert regarding his jumbled take on the issue. He also starts the piece out with this lede: "If only Kentucky’s Marquis Teague were a dancer instead of a basketball player leaving college after a single academic year, there would be no lament. He has the name for it, does he not? You could see such a name in lights out front of the Stephen Sondheim Theater, a short walk up 43rd from Broadway toward 6th. Or you could imagine a young man with that name as the principle dancer in an elite ballet company, perhaps taking on the role of the Nutcracker Prince." - This story came to light because John Calipari made some public comments in which he expressed displeasure with Emmert's stance while delivering a speech at a fundraiser for Samford University's athletic department. Calipari helped the Bulldogs raise over $100,000 at the event where tables of eight were sold for $2,000 to hear the coach of the Cats. - It was the last line of an article from the Chicago Tribune, but Danny Trevathan is mentioned as a person the Bears might try to target today. I've lived near Chicago for three years and have never had any rooting interest in the Bears, so I wouldn't mind seeing Danny suit up for a team that has produced some good linebackers through the years. - ESPN Boston took some time to recognize the league's top assist man in Rajon Rondo. Rondo is the first Celtic to lead the NBA in dimes since Bob Cousy did it 52 years ago. He was eventually dethroned after leading the pack for eight years. When Rondo was asked about what the title means to him he said it is "a great accomplishment, very humbling. I thank my teammates personally. They are the ones that made the shots." I'm not a fan of Boston professional sports in general, but I wouldn't mind seeing Rondo win another ring. Gotta keep that Point Guard U tradition strong. - The UK Softball team shut out the second ranked Florida Gators in Gainesville on Friday. If we were Louisville fans, we might take to Twitter to rub it in the faces of Florida basketball and football fans. #L1C4 -I'll leave you with a little video from the Courier Journal. John Calipari and staff watched Jabari Parker, the top rated player in the class of 2013, last night at the EYBL. Here's a clip of him talking about his growth as a basketball player and who he models his game after all while staying humble. I think that I'd like to get the Harrison twins package first and foremost in 2013, but Jabari Parker is a close second. Seems like the kind of guy that the fans would latch onto immediately.

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