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It's a beautiful Saturday morning (well, not sure about Kentucky), and the South Carolina Gamecocks head to Rupp trying to win there for only the second time ever.  They'll be led by for Lexington high school star Darrin Horn, who lives his life to this song, and should give the Cats a good game. Here are a couple of reads to get you ready:  - Kentucky fell out of the ESPN Power Rankings, but they still remained in the top 25 of Dick Vitale, Doug Gottlieb and Joe Lunardi.  I thought you said those people hated Kentucky?  - Lexington native Darrin Horn knows what it means to play in Rupp and remembers his first trip there as a fan.  - The Cats are looking for someone not named "Patterson" or "Meeks" to score today.  - The Cats are screwed.  Devan Downey is "impossible to stop".  However, he's like 3 feet tall so he's not impossible to "stomp".  Maybe they should try that.  - Gillispie is hoping for a more patient offense today against South Carolina.  This is probably because he read my post yesterday saying that South Carolina is efficient on offense so the Cats can't count on forcing turnovers for extra possessions.  - This guy thinks "Darrin Horn is a Winner", which hopefully will be the most incorrect column written today.  - In what might be the shortest story of all-time, this guy says the SEC should just stick to football.  He should just stick to stealing his name from people in the Bible.  - An oldie but a goodie:  Darrin Horn walks into a glass door while texting and cuts his nose. Don't forget, Matt will be live-blogging the game from press row this afternoon.  I'd have to say this is going to be significantly more interesting than the C-J's live blog of the weather.

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