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i-hate-louisville  - Rick Pitino apparently had sex with a women, paid for her abortion and then lashed out at the media.  - You're not really doing your duty as a fan if you don't let the great Tom Leach help get you prepped for the big game.  Mr. Leach talks with Derek Anderson about the rivalry and also chats with Louisville basketball broadcaster Paul Rogers about today's game.  - Mr. Leach also has a video of him chatting with Dick "Hoop" Weiss, who calls UK - U of L the most passionate rivalry in college basketball.  - And, don't be worry about a Tom Leach overdose as he has video of Wall and Patterson talking U of L and also a video of Calipari talking about the Filthy Cards.  Can you really ever have too much Tom Leach?   - The New York Times dives into the passion of the rivalry and does it through the eyes of the players and coaches.  - "Hoops" Weiss writes in the New York Daily News that Calipari is now the king of Kentucky and he's ready to do battle with the man who used to hold that title.  - Andy Katz says that Calipari adds an extra layer to the rivalry game and today is going to be very, very good.  - The Chicago Tribune gets in on the action too, writing that the coaches are the biggest draw of the UK - Louisville matchup.  I'm personally excited about the signs....mostly the "Three's A Crowd" ad with Pitino, Sypher and a fetus.  - The Faux Hawk says this is the best game of the weekend.  - The good doctor, Jerry Tipton, says that UK's freshmen might not be prepared for a game of this magnitude.  - Over at the Courier-Journal, Eric Crawford says that players, fans and coaches are all ready for this game to get started.  - On the Filthy Cards side of things, CL Brown (who actually picked the Cards to win) Pitino wants a total team effort to try to slow the Cats.  He added that he would have rather had a time machine and given Pitino Insurance to all their parents, but time machines don't really exist.  A team effort is the next best thing.  - The C-J also offers up the keys to victory for both teams.

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