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Good morning. How are you all? I am doing great. I have been thinking about you a lot since last weekend. A whole lot. How are you doing? (Sorry, couldn't resist...again). - Turn on your television set to the Olympic Basketball Channel (assuming you get it) to watch Anthony Davis and Team USA take on Lithuania. - Whether you are the kind of person who likes quarterback competitions or you are the kind of person who thinks the uncertainty is a bad sign-- a quarterback competition is happening here in Lexington, Kentucky between now and September 2nd. Joker Phillips acknowledged the competition and spoke about the fact that Patrick Towles will figure in the competition as well. Larry Vaught and his Views outlined what we learned from media day about the competition.  - The UK football team's offense left much to be desired last season. Offensive coordinator Randy Sanders is showing no signs of fear about a repeat. Sanders told the Herald Leader that he expects a much improved product on the field next season - A Milwaukee Bucks beat writer (that can't be the most exciting job ever) doesn't believe that the interest level is extremely high between the Bucks and Doron Lamb.  - In happier NBA news, Demarcus Cousins and Chuck Hayes are making a big difference in the Sacramento community. Both former Wildcats are highlighted for their contributions. - Patrick Towles was one of the most popular players at the UK media day event yesterday. The Courier-Journal has a piece on Patrick Towles from media day coverage that looks at his position waiting in the wings to take the helm as UK's starting quarterback. - has a nice set of media day notes, highlighted by the fact hat Joker Phillips is very excited about this team. The article includes quotes and pays tribute to the character of a lot of the players who Joker Phillips thinks can be great leaders on this team. - Fox Sports South ran a piece yesterday looking at the best football venues in the SEC. The site lists their top 5, and probably to no surprise-- Commonwealth Stadium did not make the cut. Take a look at the list though and see if you would agree with the ranking of our SEC foes.    

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