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the-links It's a heaping helping of links on this fine Saturday morning...let's get to them so they can get us to other places. ---Brett Dawson of the Courier-Journal tells us that it's almost time for the second annual installment of Camp Cal and the three-a-days that come with it. History seems to indicate that Cal's teams get better during this time of more intense practices, so let's hope this year's bunch continues that trend. ---Dawson also has a nice piece on Doron Lamb and the path he traveled to end up as a standout in Lexington. Lamb is from New York, so the article has the requisite number of Rucker Park mentions and is a good read to get to know a guy who will hopefully be around for a couple of years. ---You can head over to UK Athletics for a full slate of pregame talk from the Cats ahead of today's game against Mississippi Valley State. And if you tend to absorb things better through visual learning, they also have some video of people talking about basketball. ---Speaking of game previews, CBS Sports has one of their own to get you prepped for tonight's matchup. I recommend reading it, unless you're prone to fits of dizziness when overwhelmed with information, in which case I recommend finding something besides the internet as a hobby. ---Here's a link and article to go along with what Beisner talked about yesterday concerning Cal's support for having an NBA team in Louisville. Advantage for the Cards or not, I know the idea really irritates Rick Pitino, so I'm all for it. I'll even volunteer to write for whatever-NBA-team-in-Louisville-that-Rick-Pitino-Hates Sports Radio. ---Not to overlook the ladies, check out this preview of their game against Alabama A&M this afternoon. If you'll be in town for the men's game, head over to Memorial at 2 p.m. and watch UK Hoops in action. It'll be better than whatever else you had planned, I'm sure. ---And speaking of UK Hoops, the Kentucky women's team experienced their own brush with the law recently, as the police were called to Coach Matthew Mitchell's house on Wednesday night when several of the team members set off fireworks in front of his home in honor of his 40th birthday. The coach took the prank well, but also took the time to mention that if the team really wanted to get him something, they should have practiced better on his birthday Thursday. That's all for now. I'll be along to post something in a little while, or whenever Beisner stops making me wash his car.

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