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Saturday Morning Links

Article written by:On3 imageBrennan English


bob_dylan_andy_warhol_and_elvis_presley_print Your morning links are brought to you by Andy Warhol--today is his (death) day. The man who filmed/painted (for & of)/photographed/inspired/befriended and further bohemia-fied the likes of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Nico, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Muhammed Ali, and on and on; clearly he was cooler than any of us. He passed away 27 years ago, but his influence, and that of the radically transformative decade of which he was a vital part, is still relevant in film, music, American cultural commentary, and counterculture today. And yes, he died before I was born. Troll Tide Troll. On to the links: -- Kyle Tucker sat down with Avery Williamson who's preparing for an important couple of days in Indanapolis at the NFL Combine. Despite being 2nd in the SEC in tackles the past two season, Williamson has a lot to prove--currently projected as a 7th round pick. Williamson expressed, "I feel like they kind of doubt UK players, so I feel like you’ve gotta show it." -- Thad Novak of Bleacher Report wonders if we've seen the best of Julius Randle this season, or if it's still to come? He opens his piece stating:
After playing like the second coming of Dan Issel during Kentucky basketball’s non-conference season, freshman Julius Randle started looking mortal in SEC play. In light of his 25-point, 13-rebound outburst during Tuesday’s demolition of Ole Miss, though, it’s not a bad time to ask, just how good will this kid get by season’s end?
-- Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal thinks that both Rick Pitino and John Calipari are "right" (despite it being a different right) regarding the social media debate. I'm fine with that, and I believe we all want to put this silly semi-dispute to bed. Now Rick Pitino talking about weed? That subject will never get old.  -- The AP LSU-Kentucky preview focused on our guys' and their containment of Johnny O'Bryant  in today's rematch. Young had this to say, "We probably took him lightly. We didn't come out with as much focus and competitiveness to go out there and win. That's changed now." Ole Jerry had some stuff/things to say about Johnny O'Bryant too! --  Aaron Smith has more from Cal on his typical reluctance to play zone, but acceptance that it may be the best option for these Cats going forward, even if only as a "change up" defense. -- Vaught also has some quotes from Coach Cal on working on this young team's "inner dialogue." Improving it, will lead to a better attitude, performance, and outcome for each player, and the team as a whole. -- Jerry Tipton wrote about that two syllable word we've been hearing all week, revenge, against LSU; he calls revenge a "concept as old as history itself." A bit weird Jerry, but I suppose that statement is accurate... -- And in random Kentucky news, a Louisville man is going barefoot for an entire year to raise money and awareness for those going without shoes throughout the world. He's been doing it since December and, so far, has raised $4,000 for children in Kenya, along with 70 pairs of shoes he plans to give to needy children in Kentucky. It's an interesting, and very impressive story, in one of the harshest winters in decades.

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