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links   Hi. It's me again this morning. I figured since the Cats won last Saturday, I should do the shift again to keep the mojo going. Cats face the Fighting Irish at 8:49 tonight on TBS and the pregame show will start around 6:15.. Until then come back to KSR for updates throughout the day. Let's start off with some links:  -          Guess what day it is? That’s right. Open football practice day. The practice starts in 30 minutes, so If you’re in Lexington make your way to the practice fields and go and support the team. Here are some details about the practice. -          Only  two games to talk about today, Arizona vs. Wisconsin and Notre Dame vs. Kentucky. Still. Since I always put a schedule in my morning post, here it is.   -          Kentucky canceled practice for an NBA Draft suit fitting, but I think it was worth it. According to this source, Cal insisted the boys see a tailor so they would all get an early start to the suit game. Also, that source is the Onion and its totally fake, but still funny.   -          An SB Nation affiliate posted a story on how Kentucky would be an underdog compared to the greatest college teams of all time. They said they would even be underdogs to the 2012 Kentucky ream. They used quotes from former Vegas oddsmakers and other gambling experts to come to this conclusion.  I personally hate comparing teams from different years since they cannot play each other, but I’m sure the comment section will probably see a debate.   -          The funny thing bout Kentucky coverage is that within hours of each other one media will say one thing and another the exact opposite. So here is an AP writer who thinks the Cats are the greatest team ever. @Sealey_KSR    

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