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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
basketball.jpeg Three quick things..... (1) There seems to be a great deal of confusion right now about the status of Leonard Washington and where he may or may not go in 2007. I was told by someone very close to Leonard on Thursday that he was going to high school in 2007. This information was also relayed in a Sporting News article and picked up by ESPN. Today, our friend Marc Maggard says that he spoke with Leonard and his people yesterday and the decision is not yet made. So it is unclear exactly where we are. I for one am not too disappointed.....the kid was kicked out of two games in Vegas, and while there may be explanations for those, where there is smoke there is fire. I like Leonard's toughness and if he one day plays for the Cats, he will of course have my support. But sometimes you can smell trouble and I feel there is some of that hear. Either way however, until I hear otherwise from the folks who have given me good info on this, I will assume he will not be at UK next year and that he either attends high school in LA or goes to prep school/JC. If we hear otherwise, we will let you know. (2) I spoke with two individuals who spent a lot of time in Vegas this week and both had the same reaction. Kentucky commitment Dakotah Euton is the real deal folks. For a rising sophomore, Dakotah has immense talent and skills and showed his ability while in Vegas. One told me, "I am skeptical on getting guys that young....but if you are going to do it, Dakotah may be the one to get." (3) I will have more on this tomorrow, but with UK's schedule out, I generally am a fan of it from top to bottom. The folks who think there are no marquee games in the non-conference strike me as misinformed. The Cats will play UNC, Louisville, IU, and two of the group of (UConn, Oklahoma and Memphis). Add to that some mid-major talent in UAB, Houston and San Diego and the group is pretty good. My only complaint is that the cupcake games (which EVERY TEAM HAS) are a little too cupcake for my taste. If you play Santa Clara instead of Stony Brook, your RPI does not take the hit and you still likely get the win. Nevertheless, there are five very difficult games and there are only a handful of teams in the country who play that amount. Nice job to the Cats. More tomorrow, as we ramp towards the full-fledged increase in our football and basketball coverage on Monday.

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