Scenes from UK Baseball and Softball #FanDay2019

Brett Bibbinsover 2 years


Aritcle written by:Brett BibbinsBrett Bibbins
[caption id="attachment_255087" align="aligncenter" width="603"] @acrphoto[/caption] In an effort to drum up excitement about the upcoming seasons for both the UK Baseball and UK Softball teams, the two programs hosted a joint Fan Day to interact with young fans, participate in activities, pose for pictures, compete in games, and more. With UK Baseball tickets going on sale tomorrow, today was the perfect time to peak everyone's interest. Take a look at some highlights from the success of a day today: Looking through Twitter, you can find several fans and photographers posting pictures and complimenting both teams for their hospitality throughout the event. Check out just a few of them below. Events like this are always awesome to see the players connect with kids on a more personal level. It is clear that the attendees have a blast and it seems that the players enjoy every minute of it as well. Fingers crossed for huge success on the field that matches the excitement off the field for both of these squads in the upcoming seasons.

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