SCOTT RIGOT --- Not eligible for Kenyan Citizenship

by:Matt Jones07/06/06

As many of you who live in the area may know, July 4th brought about one of the more interesting Lexington events as the Bluegrass 10,000 took place in downtown. Some of you may know that James Mutuse won the marathon for the fourth time, running the 6.2 miles in an impressive 31:27. However what you likely didnt know is that Kentucky Assistant Coach Scott Rigot was also in the race and…..well….he didnt do quite as well. Scott ran the race in 1:26:45, a time that was nearly an hour slower and three times as long as that of the race winner.

But I can hear you now. “Hey Matt, you think you are a marathon man. Well at least Scott finished.” Yes, that is true. He did finish. But his finish needs to be put in perspective. 3200 runners competed in the race….Rigot came in 2,684 place. In his age group, there were about 250 competitors. Rigot beat only five of them…..yes, that is correct five of them. 250 people and only 5 went down to a UK Assistant Basketball Coach. But there is some good news:

(1) If Rigot were in the 1-12 GIRLS age group, he would have come in 12th.

(2) If your name is Jason Reynolds, Clay Trusley, Scott Reed, Kenneth Baker or Dustin Martin…..then you were in Rigot’s age group and he SMOKED you. Yes Rigot embarrassed you and I am sure he would be glad to do it again.

(3) Rigot finished just behind Maureen Tarpey who completed the race in 1:25:32, thus insuring that were he eligible in the 70-74 WOMEN’s competition, he would have finished a respectable second.

(4) Rigot finished in a DEAD HEAT with Virginia Bell, an 85 year old woman who completed the course in the exact same time. If anyone has a picture of the two of them finishing the race at the same time….well lets just say, please contact me.

So Scott Rigot may not yet be eligible for honorary Kenyan citizenship, but he did finish the race, which means that we here at KSR Radio do owe him some congratulations. Here is hoping that he was just saving up his energy to tear up the recruiting camps this week.

In other news, the following names were also on the Bluegrass 10,000 sheet and some will be of interest to KSR readers:

Celebrities (using the term very loosely):
Sam Dick 49:37
Drew Deener 51:30
Ernesto Scorsone 51:44
Jerry Tipton 52:18 (not bad)

Names of Interest to some KSR Radio (and Transylvania) fans:
Bryan Taylor 52:10
Chad Smedley 53:59
Ben Crittendon 54:07
Andrei Kholodov 57:13
Chad Butcher 1:03:30
David Connerth 1:07:24
Melinda Skinner 1:23:35 (still beat Rigot)
Joseph Binford 1:31:04 (go get em Skinny B!!! 73 years young!!!)

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