Scott Satterfield should probably stop talking

Scott Satterfield should probably stop talking

Drew Franklin11 months


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Scott Satterfield had a good thing going. A great thing, actually. Until recently, Louisville fans were all in on Satterfield. The man was the savior of the program, a breath of fresh air after Bobby Petrino, and Louisville was on its way to being an ACC contender (allegedly). Even Louisville's haters, people like myself, thought, wow, the bird teeth might've really done well with this hire. Good for them. Then Scott's true colors came out once another program showed him the slightest bit of attention, and now those fans who thought he was the perfect man for the job, should be extra careful latching onto a head coach with one foot out the door in Year 2. Days after demanding 100% commitment from everyone in the UofL locker room, Satterfield talked to South Carolina, denied talking to South Carolina, and ran back to Louisville once South Carolina didn't want him. It's a classic move: talk to another program and leverage it for a raise, but Satterfield attempted it IN A PANDEMIC and with an embarrassing record and one of football's easiest schedules. The tots on this guy! The South Carolina conversation could've been handled much more delicately, but Satterfield is showing us all a reason why South Carolina passed on his candidacy: because he keeps saying all the wrong things and putting himself above the young men who signed up to play football for him. Today he said "coaches are different" so it's OK, and it is painful to watch. From John Lewis over at WDRB: Does he know recruits can hear him? They have access to these press conferences too. Does he know those go on the internet? If I'm a recruit trying to pick where I'd like to spend my next 4-5 years and who I want leading me toward my goals, HARD PASS on the guy telling me to be all in but he doesn't have to be all in because he's a coach. Satterfield's recent comments have been college football coaching malpractice. Is he trying to make his team hate him? If so he's nailing it. Louisville fans, I come in peace to say, be careful. It's been a rough year and I don't want to see you getting hurt over this guy. We have our differences, yes, but you don't deserve to be played like this.    

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