Scott Van Pelt is a man of the people

Thomas Beisnerover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
The love and praise is being heaped onto the shoulders of one Jodie Meeks (as it should be) after his record-setting performance against the dirty Vols last night.  His 54 points got him the intro story on Sportscenter last night and fired up the whole fan base.  In fact, it even fired up ESPN's Scott Van Pelt (or someone claiming to be him) enough to hit up Cats Pause last night and leave this message: ....I had to mention you on the show because I saw there were 5,000 + of you on here. Love the passion. I recall how bitter you were when we lead the show with VMI.  As I think I explained that night, you all will ALWAYS be news because of who you are.We weren't "anti-Kentucky" that night or "on the bandwagon" tonight. You are KENTUCKY which, as I said on the show, puts you on the short list with UCLA, Kansas, IU, Duke and Carolina for all time programs. When something like VMI happens, we are going to lead with it.  When a player establishes a new scoring record at a school with all your history, we are going to lead with it. Pretty simple. As a hoop fan, I enjoyed it because I think Meeks is fantastic and I love how he carries himself.SEC is wide open ..good luck the rest of the way. I'll drop in from time to time to say hey - I know ESPN sucks, or so I read, but I have developed a think skin.  I know it's all rooted in a passion for sports that I share.Y'all be easy. SVP. Man, that Scott Van Pelt is just so lovable.  Much better than that Brian Jones guy.

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