releases new rankings, UK guys doing OK

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Our boy Evan Daniels has released the new rankings for the Class of 2011, and its safe to say that Kentucky has a decent class coming in next year.  At least something we could build towards the future with, considering we are looking at 12-15 losses this season.  Kentucky holds 3 of the top 6 players in the class, as well as another 5-star in Kyle Wiltjer at 22.  For those wondering, Trevor Lacey currently sits as a 4-star, the 63rd ranked player overall in the class. The only other team to have three 5-star commits at this point is Duke, and their players are ranked 3rd, 21st, and 23rd.  Kentucky's are 1st, 4th, and 6th. ***** Anthony Davis (1st) ***** Michael Gilchrist (4th) ***** Marquis Teague (6th) ***** Kyle Wiltjer (22nd) Hopefully in the next couple weeks, we will have Evan on the site for a live blog in which he can describe why he put certain guys where he did, and what the Class of 2012 is looking like.

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