Sean Woods decides to take a couple cross country trips

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You got to give it to former UK Unforgettable Sean Woods.  The man will do anything to see to it that Mississippi Valley State survives as a basketball program.  And unfortunately for him, that means scheduling a non-conference slate this season that includes ZERO home games.  NONE.  Now judging by the average attendance at the MVSU games, that really isn't losing much attention.  But all in all, Woods' team will travel over 12,000 miles JUST IN THE NON-CONFERENCE, which includes a trip to Lexington on December 18th.  They will visit 8 states in total and South Padre Island.  Out of their 13 games, only TWO will be against non-major conference teams or mid-major powers like Butler and St. Marys. And the real reason for all of this?  Because much like major schools like Kentucky and Alabama depend on football for the majority of their revenue, MSVU depends on basketball.  And with times being as tight as they are, Woods figures as much money as he can bring in is the right option.  All in all, the school is estimated to get $700,000 for it's 13 appearances.

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