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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Our friends at Season Never Ends have one last post to make: Thank you Matt, the KSR crew and most importantly, YOU, the wildcat fan, for making our inaugural year of selling "Kentucky Basketball: The Season Never Ends 2009 Calendar" so successful. To start up a business and make a product centered around Kentucky basketball was a dream come true. Although the season never ends in Kentucky, in the calendar world it's practically over. Soon we will be closing the books on the 2009 Kentucky Basketball Calendar. Starting now until the end of January, you can pick up a uk basketball calendar for only $8, online. Use your coupon code "KSR" and get 10% off of that. Order three, and we pay for your shipping. After Friday the free shipping and KSR discount will not be valid! Order online at To the news..... (1) It is amazing how little is going on in UK land (the calm before the storm?) but nevertheless, the last week has put to bed all rumors of basketball transfers from Kentucky. Some of you may remember that at some point, at least three UK newcomers have been rumored to be leaving (you cant pry Jorts and Donald Williams out), but all will be completing the year. For DeAndre Liggins, the frustration has been overcome by his intense desire to get to the next level and his hope to not waste a year in a transfer. For Kevin Galloway, from all indications he has come to a closer understanding with Gillispie, and what was nearly a done deal (him leaving before the Louisville game) is now just a remembrance of the past. Likely the individual whose decision created the most stir was Darius Miller, who had to deal with some speculation that he had left, just days before the Louisville game. From all that I have been able to find out, Miller never left and while he may have entertained such thoughts at one point, he never made the trip out of Lexington in any form. So as with most internet stories, the reports of UK players' demise and departure ended up unfounded. (2): Similarly the talk of transfers into the program have as of yet proven untrue. Much was made on the internet of "big news" of transfers coming, and it looks as if none of those panned out. While other sites promoted stories having the earliest reports as to Beas Hamga considering UK, in the end it looks like the official worst KSR interview ever will not be a Wildcat. Similarly, Ibrahima Thomas of Oklahoma State decided to go to Cincinnati, leaving the point guard from Ohio State as the only true top-notch transfer still on the market (UPDATE....apparently he went to South Florida....tell Reggie Hanson hello). At this point, UK's roster looks to be set and its core for next year fairly locked down. We shall see if that changes, but it seems to be unlikely as of today. (3): Larry Vaught became the first non-Facebook reader to report today of Micah Johnson's return to UK. Johnson first announced his intentions via Facebook status (which if I were an athlete, would be the only way I would break news) and today Larry Vaught reported the news as being official, via the UK LB coach, Chuck Smith. Johnson's return helps shore up the linebacking corp and makes cornerback the focus of the offseason and Spring practice on defense. (4): The Cats REALLY need a running back badly in recruiting. With Derrick Locke's return at the beginning of the season questionable and Moncell Allen's situation up in the air, right now only Alphonso Smith and potentially John Conner are there as RB options for next season. Deuce Finch could potentially start if the Cats can get him to Lexington. (5): So Boston College wins at UNC and then loses at home to Harvard. Has there ever been a greater discrepancy in back-to-back games for a team in history? I have racked my brain to think of such a roller coaster for UK in recent years and have been unsuccessful. Any ideas? More all day....we got lots on Vandy going forward and a look at what is a sensible prediction for UK's record in SEC play. Stay tuned.......

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