SEC coaches talk anonymously about Kentucky

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anonymous-coach Athlon Sports asked football coaches from around the Southeastern Conference to speak anonymously about their opponents and those comments hit the internet today. For Kentucky, the quotes vary, ranging from praise for Shannon Dawson to questioning Boom Williams' role to underperforming, and more. The coaches did not hold back in critiquing the Wildcats and some of Mark Stoops' decisions.


“It’s a big year for them. I mean, they fired everybody but the head coach so you know there’s a lot of pressure to make a bowl game. They have enough talent. They’ve done a really good job recruiting, but you don’t see a lot of cohesion to what they’re doing on either side of the ball.”

“I thought Shannon Dawson was really good and I’m surprised they made a change there, to be honest. I don’t know what they’ll be, but Eddie Gran runs the same kind of system and likes to go fast.”

“They need to find a way to get Boom Williams more carries because I think he’s just a tremendous talent. I’m not sure why they don’t use him more – maybe a little bit injury prone or if he’s a bit of a head case, but he’s a guy who really worries you because he’s so explosive. I felt like he could go 80 just about any time, but they didn’t really play him that much. Between him and Jojo Kemp and bringing back their entire offensive line, they should be able to run the ball, but that system is really designed to pass first so I don’t know what adjustments they’re going to make.”

“Defensively, I assume they’ll still be that same seven-man front they’ve been in the last couple years, but they definitely haven’t been as good as you’d think given what Mark Stoops did as a coordinator.”

“They’re not that far from winning some of these games, but when you look at how they’ve finished the last couple years, you wonder if maybe they’re just a bit mentally fragile.”

My guess is those came from Barry Odom, Butch Jones, Dan Mullen, Derek Mason and Jim McElwain, in order. See more at Athlon Sports: "SEC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2016"

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