SEC Country Grades UK Football's Performance

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Aritcle written by:Brett BibbinsBrett Bibbins
  report-card After UK's best overall performance of the season last week, facing the top ranked team in the country in Tuscaloosa was more than a tough test for the Wildcats. There weren't many positives from the Alabama game, but it went about as you'd expect it would go for the boys in blue. Joe Mussatto over at SEC Country put together this week's report card for the Cats, and here is how Kentucky scored. The offense started with a solid first drive that gave every UK fan a reason to smile by taking an early 3-0 lead. But outside of that, there weren't many positive drives going forward. The offense was graded with a D- for the fumble-laden effort.
No Wildcats running back ran for more than 40 yards as Alabama stuffed the Benny and Boom show, holding Snell and Williams to 38 and 22 yards, respectively. The aerial attack was just as ineffective as Kentucky passed for just 89 yards.
Not the best effort and result from our offense, but next week against Vandy is definitely a chance to get back on track. The defense is an interesting topic. The defense gave up 28 points, which isn't great. Alabama did get 7 more points on a defensive touchdown. However, that was Alabama's lowest scoring output of the season, which is a silver lining to yesterday's game. The defense was scored with a B-, and SEC Country worded it in what I think is the best way possible.
The performance was far from shutdown, but considering where this defense was a few weeks ago, it was a big step forward.
In what has been a weak spot for a struggling football program over the last couple years, the special teams unit has been UK's best overall unit this season. Last night's performance, which included two made field goals, a 61-yard punt and a 31-yard kick return, scored an A. Silver lining number 2 from last night's game. The coaching staff earned one of their better grades of the season, receiving a B, while the overall effort from the Cats was scored with a C+. Check out the entire report card with the rest of the details here. Go Cats. Beat Vandy.

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