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SEC Media Days

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dfd As we told you earlier, being sworn into the bar today kept me from the affairs at SEC Media Days in Birmingham. We will have more later as the SEC releases the official quotes. A couple of tidbits however have come out so far...... (1) Gillispie continued his praising of Ramel Bradley and expressing what a great leader he has become. He mentioned that Ramel has done all anyone could ask him to do and that he could not be more happy about what he has seen from his senior point guard. Ramel was wearing a suit today, which when the pictures come out, must be a sight to behold. (2) Moraykino Williams aka "The Member" was called by Billy Clyde today, the player who had improved the quickest of anyone he has seen in coaching. That is quite impressive. (3) Ramel Bradley also said that in order for this season to be a success, the Cats had to win the SEC and go to the Final Four. High hopes for the man from New York. In addition, Billy Clyde said that it "is not ok to underachieve." He gets it, that is for sure. Here are more official quotes: Head Coach Billy Gillispie On dealing with the number of injuries on the team... "It's not great. Derek (Jasper) is probably going backwards and hasn't been able to practice once this week because of swelling in his knee. They say that is normal and hopefully he can be more consistent with being able to practice. He is trying his hardest and getting frustrated that he can't practice on a daily basis. Jared Carter was cleared on the 21st and he has been able to be out there but I don't think he has total confidence right now. I don't know how anyone could have total confidence when you have been through what he has been through with back-to-back shoulder surgeries. Joe Crawford is at full speed pretty much. He is doing a great job and getting in better condition on a daily basis. Michael Porter is out until next week. Patrick Patterson has been out all week and is day-to-day. Ramon (Harris) and Perry (Stevenson) have broken noses. Ramon is still wearing a face mask. Perry is O.K. Other then that we are pretty healthy." On how the SEC compares to the Big 12... "There is no question both are great conferences. But when you have the two-time defending national champion in Florida, I think that brings you to the top of the class. To win back-to-back national championships is something else. Not too many people have been able to do that in the history of our sport. I don't know the SEC teams inside and out yet but what I do know is that every single team is improving." Ramel Bradley "Those guys are pretty banged up, but they've been out there and will come around. The train's going to move regardless, but hopefully they'll get back soon." "We have a lot of depth as far as guards. As banged up as we are, people will be out there and will step up. It's tough right now not having everyone, but being out there sprinting, talking and making each other better is what we need." "The depth in the SEC is crazy. But we just need to take it one game at a time because if you don't you can drive yourself crazy thinking about it. We just need to be mentally and physically ready to play each game." "I feel good about going into this year. I think I've personally matured a lot, as have my teammates. We will continue to through the season and we're going to need that to get back to where we want to be." Below is the audio recording of Gillispie's comments.....we will have more later.....Kentucky Sports Radio is live beginning at 6 pm..... Billy Gillispie audio

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