SEC Slant: Week 8ish

SEC Slant: Week 8ish

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Last Week: Kentucky 21 Arkansas 20 A game that’s already been coined “FloodGate” (ok, not yet, but soon…?), the Cayts rallied late in the 4th quarter when Mike Hartline shat two footballs and tossed them to Randall Cobb for a season-saving win over the improving Hogs. The win came at the expense of Derrick Locke, who along with Dicky Lyons, was an offensive weapon that had to stay healthy. LSU 24 Carolina 17 After drowning in Florida’s wake the week before, LSU put the put the proverbial hot sauce on the literal chicken, racking up 6 sacks and squeezing just enough out of the offense to notch the huge road win. For dessert? They're baking a pie. Huckleberry. Georgia 24 Vandy 14 Vandy, pesky as ever, hung in but ultimately could not stop Knowshon Moreno when they had to. And that's all I have to say about that. Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20 The Tide faced their first deficit of the season when the Ole Miss booted an early 1st quarter FG. That’s pretty remarkable for a team many believe don’t have enough of “it” to run the table and bring a title and subsequently, the National Guard, back to T-Town. In predictable fashion, Houston Nutt saved his best sermon for the underdog role and the speedy Rebels made it interesting enough to put Saban back on the hot seat. “How are we supposed to win 6 titles in a row, when we can’t even beat Ole Mee-us by a touchdown?” /Joey Tuscaloosa Tennessee 34 Miss St 3 After weeks of arduous excavation, the Vols finally uncovered the remains of what is believed to have been a winning football team. Led by a ball hungry defense and the emergence of sophomore RB Lennon Creer, the Vols staved off self-implosion for at least another week and offered up a mason jar of hope to a thirsty fan base. As for the Croomers, well they can rest easy knowing kicker Adam Carlson is 3-for-3 on FG’s of 40+ yards this season. Studs: RB Michael Smith, Ark: 195 yards and a TD on a back-breaking 35 carries. RB Knowshon Moreno, UGA: hopped, smashed, and pirouetted his way to 172 yards and a TD on 23 carries. S Eric Berry, Vols: 10 tackles, 1 INT (returned 72 yards for TD). Berry has been somewhat lost in the mire of a potential losing season, or, at least as lost as one of the best defensive backs to ever play in the SEC can be. Berry’s 5 picks lead the nation, and in just 1.5 seasons, he’s already eclipsed the 60 year old SEC record for INT return yardage, with 397. LB Micah Johnson, UK: 15 tackles, sack, pass deflection, 1 ankle. WR Randall Cobb, UK: managed five receptions for 73 yards 2 TDs, three punt returns for 24 yards and 2-of-3 passing for 45 yards with 60 guys on his back. This Week: Thursday Auburn @ West By Gum Virginia Ok, so neither team is who we thought they were, and neither team is what some experts might call “good,” but still a quality Thursday nighter, nevertheless. Expect the usual over-coaching from Tuberville and complete under-coaching from Bill Stewart as Auburn tries to avoid losing to the Big East for the second straight year. Kentucky @ Flo-Rida With Kentucky coaches trying not to confuse the injury report with the roster, the prognosis is bleak. With the Cocktail Party on the horizon there's always the hope for a Florida bed-soiling...maybe at the least, a tinkle. Duke @ Vandy Laugh all you want, but I’m a huge fan of this series. What was once a mere scuffle between pocket-protecting Poindexter’s is now 65% legitimate football. The fact both teams already have conference wins and both will likely finish above last place in their respective conferences says a lot about our society and the power of the human spirit…and how utterly dreadful ACC football really is. With Cutcliffe at the helm this is certainly not your Grandpappy’s Duke Football team, but Vandy might be the best team they’ll face all season. Serially. Georgia @ LSU Saucy. This game is a must-win for the Dawgs, and a must-not-lose for LSU. Lucky for Georgia, they are spared the Cajun Circus that accompanies a night game in Death Valley, but LSU’s front 4 stands to dominate UGA’s patchwork O-line. Still, I give a slight edge to the road-ready Richt and a premiere passing attack versus a struggling LSU secondary. Ole Miss @ Arkansas Screw 'sub-plot', Rev. Nutt's Fayetteville homecoming is the plot in this otherwise Raycom reject. Saban's Baton Rouge relapse is getting all the hype, but never count out the sheer volatility of the Hog faithful. Exhibit A: MTSU @ Miss St Does it not seem MTSU plays more SEC teams than the actual teams in the SEC? Say a few nice things to the quiet kid sitting next to you in class and boom, you're his new best friend. Bama @ Vols Break out the stogies, and the animosity, as the Thrid Weekend of October is finally upon us. Don't be surprised if this one is close, as Bama will be without D-lineman Terrance Cody, who basically gave the Tide 12 men on defense. Pa'er Rankins: 1. Alabama 2. Florida 3. UGA 4. LSU 5. Sarcurlina 6. Vandy 7. Ole Miss 8. Kentucky 9. Auburn 10. Tennessee 11. Arkansas 12. Miss St.

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