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ericc.jpeg A few weeks ago, we blasted Eric Crawford on here for one of his columns that essentially called those who were dissatisfied with Tubby, a bunch of crazy loons (my granny taught me that term). At that point, Eric was kind enough to come on our radio show and give his side and we really appreciated that. So in the interest of fair play, I want to give a shout to a very interesting "blog" column by Eric today about who reads message boards and their new importance. Eric says what I have long suspected, that writers and tv reporters read these forums for their news and obsess about them compulsively. When I go to major UK events, the disdain with which most major columnists and reporters treat me and the internet is palpable. There are of course exceptions......most of the younger reporters, Victoria Sun, Brett Dawson, Gregg Doyel, Chip Cosby, etc get the internet and are very friendly. Some folks likeTom Leach and Mike Decourcey have gone out of their way to be nice to me and give credit to the site, and for that I am very greatful. But the old guard (and you know who you are.....and are likely reading this) treat the internet as a four-letter word and will not even speak to me.....UNLESS of course I say something they dont like, at which point they will write me to tell me they dont like it. In the last year, we have seen the Herald Leader and Courier Journal force their columnists to "blog" and the results are mixed. But Eric Crawford (and the Courier staff as a whole) seem to get it and they realize the importance of the internet on the new age. I disagree with Eric that the internet is still of only marginal importance. Yesterday, this site had 86,000 visitors through the course of 24 hours, which is a lot.....and The Cats Pause gets far more than that. But still the general fan base is larger. However we have learned that the people that report "news" are ultimately looking this way for their seen by the television fiasco on the Donovan "done deal". All are loathe to admit they do it......Eric today proves they do. And for that, you get the Kentucky Sports Radio salute.....and that and $4 will get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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