See Other Schools have goofy songs too

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I know that many of you were embarassed in recent weeks by the antics of the "Lazy Tuesday" boys and the oh so talented, Oh Napier. I received lots of email from folks upset that I had "discovered" these young talents and thus "disgraced" the UK fanbase by giving them a stage upon which their songs could get national attention. I found both of the songs to be extremely funny (in a bad way) and especially as pertains to Oh Napier, the songs have given me a great deal of laughter in the last few months. Well it turns out that other schools have people who make goofy songs as well.....although theirs might be clever. Ole Miss University (AKA "The School that lost to UK") is struggling with their football program right now and thus some of the natives are restless....even though their coach, Ed Orgeron, has just gotten started. See Orgeron has a thick accent and is often difficult to understand. Thus some fans seem to take this as a sign of Orgeron (who if you remember, has an attractive wife) being not too bright. And thus we have the background for the video "Colonel Red is Crying". I have to admit that I find this song hilarious. Maybe you will like it, maybe you wont. But it made my night....

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