See What an In-Home Visit with John Calipari Looks Like in This Immanuel Quickley Documentary

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We've seen John Calipari in almost every kind of setting.  We've seen him in press conferences, ESPN's All-Access, inside the locker room with KY Wildcats TV, the Calipari Call-In Show and even a 30 for 30.  There's one place we've never seen Calipari perform and it's the place where he is at his best: on the recruiting trail. Snapshots are shared of Calipari at AAU events, but cameras never go inside an in-home visit with Calipari.  That changed today in a documentary about Immanuel Quickly's recruitment titled, "My View From the Top." With a quiet Joel Justus beside him, Calipari starts by explaining some of what the family saw in the 30 for 30.  That is followed by a secondary pitch for a "lifetime scholarship."  If Quickley completes his term, he can leave for the pros and return to Kentucky later to complete his degree. "Your basketball window is four to five years.  Your academic window is fifty," Calipari says. That leads to Calipari's primary pitch.  At Kentucky, he's not sending guys to the pros for one contract, it's to get their second contract, the one that changes families forever.  He stays on message while addressing his detractors, a.k.a. his competition that will spew lies about his program on the recruiting trail.  He puts the detractors in a bodybag. "If it's facts, they lose.  If it's the truth, they lose.  They know what's happened for our kids with how I coach, and what's happened for their kids and how they coach.  They can't beat us." Apparently the pitch worked.  On Monday Quickley cut his list to four: Kansas, Maryland, Miami and Kentucky. A five-star point guard, Quickley is the only point guard to have an offer from Cal in the 2018 class.  He also reportedly has an invitation to try out for the Team USA U19 team Calipari will coach this summer.

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