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couch Often in doing this gig, I hear rumors. Rumors about subjects ranging from what is going on at practice to what is happening on Facebook come across the KSR desk and more often than not, they are ignored (Such as "HUGE NEWS COMING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS"...I am still waiting). But occasionally a rumor comes about that is so absurd if true, that I cannot ignore it. Such is the case with a story told by a pretty reliable political source recently that the Republican party is considering Tim Couch for a US Senate run if Senator Bunning retires. Now I admit to having no knowledge one way or the other on the subject, but if true it has to be one of the most ridiculous things that I can imagine. Couch, whose qualifications for public office would seem to be having Bill Curry make him run the option, playing in front of Kelly Holcomb in Cleveland and marrying a Playboy playmate (who is smokin' by the way), does meet the minimum age requirement and has expressed an interest in entering politics. Look I love Tim Couch.....just like I love Richie Farmer. Those two guys are both from my neck of the woods, and in Farmer's case, a childhood idol. But really, Senator Couch? I mean I know Minnesota just elected Al Franken (what was Adam Sandler busy?), but there has to be SOMEONE more qualified in this state's Republican party than a guy who I last saw in an Ed Hardy shirt at a UK game. Please tell me this rumor is false.....and if it isnt, then someone tell the Democrats that Pookie Jones is also available.

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