Seth Davis Goes on North Carolina Radio and Trashes Matt Jones, and Worse....UK Fans

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Our feelings about Seth Davis are well known. He is still the ONLY person in the national media arena that has refused our requests to be on the radio show or the blog and I still have no idea how he has become the central commentator on the most important studio show in college basketball. Plus he went to Duke....which I did as well, but not the undergrad so I dont think its as bad. Be that as it may, Davis has the nation's microphone and thus gets to give his opinions to a listening audience. Well today he was on our friend Bomani Jones's radio show and he was asked about some comments I made and he said that I, and the UK fanbase, had an "inferiority complex about Duke" and that I, along with the fanbase" wish I were a Dookie. The clip is below....he told Bomani he would come on here and face the UK fans for an interview. I will save my righteous outrage for them. Feel free to bring yours in the comment section: Its at the four minute mark of the Davis interview: Seth Davis on Cat Fans

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