Seth Davis likes the Cats today
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Kentucky Wildcats

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Seth Davis likes the Cats today

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


Jai Lucas in happier Florida times Taking a brief break from being a thorn in the side of every college basketball fan ever, CBS hoops analyst Seth Davis decided to pick the Cats to get a huge win against Florida today. From his Weekend Forecast in on
Kentucky 79 Florida 76 When the Wildcats traveled to the O Dome back on Feb. 5, their freshman point guard Brandon Knight, a 39.6 percent three-point shooter, had an open look from behind the arc that would have won the game at the buzzer. He missed. That's how close Kentucky came to a win that would have bolstered this young team's confidence immeasurably. Instead, the Cats have continued their losing ways on the road, bottoming out Wednesday night by losing by one point at Arkansas. UK's last five SEC road losses have come by a total of 11 points. It's hard to predict how they will respond to all this adversity, but I'm counting on all those fans in Rupp Arena to pull them over the hump. Because if it doesn't happen in this game, it probably won't happen at all.
Although it's not a glowing proclamation of sure victory, it's nice to know someone out there thinks the Cats will take care of business this afternoon. Even if that someone is Seth Davis. Now, for some positive vibes from the past and hopefully a preview of what Rupp will sound like in just a little while:

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