Seth Greenberg's Scouting Report on the 2016-17 Kentucky Wildcats

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="485"] "Where do you think the Cats should be ranked, Seth?"[/caption] America's favorite bald-headed former head coach turned ESPN college basketball analyst received an inside look at John Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats.  Even though practices are only accessible to few, Coach Grenberg was kind enough to share with the world what he saw tonight inside the Joe Craft Center.

Malik Monk -- Reminds him of Russell Westbrook.  Russell Freaking Westbrook.

De'Aaron Fox -- Is really fast.  Not a shocker, but to say he's "quick on quick" must mean he's twice as fast as any other human being on the planet.

Isaiah Briscoe -- Is shooting the ball with more confidence, which means he's doing exactly what he needs to do to take his game to the next level.

Bam Adebayo -- Physically, he runs the floor very well.  Greenberg believes he will develop into a dominant front court player, which isn't the boldest statement I've heard.  Greenberg believes Bam also has the intangibles covered, playing with a "great attitude and work ethic."

Derek Willis -- Arguably the best and most surprising news of the night from Greenberg, he believes Willis was as impressive as anybody on the court.  It wasn't that Willis was knocking down shots, it was his approach.  "Has little 2 do with his game & more 2 do with his attitude/approach," were his exact words from Twitter.

I like to tell people to take D-Lamb's advice -- "Don't Geek" -- but the praise from Coach can only make one feel giddy before the season starts.

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