Shannon The Dude: “The big day is almost here"

Shannon The Dude: “The big day is almost here"

Drew Franklinabout 1 year


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Like all sports in 2020, Shannon The Dude's 50-mile walk needed a restart, and that restart is this coming Thursday. The original plan, the one he backed out of because he didn't want to get his wittle toesies wet, is back on but for this week instead. He will depart at 10 p.m. Thursday night from KSBar. (It's marked on the map.) When reached for comment late Tuesday afternoon, two days before launch, Shannon had this to say about the upcoming challenge: “The big day is almost here and I’ve been preparing with a vigorous workout which includes my daily affirmations that I do every morning in front of a mirror, 12 ounce curls of Shannon The Dude’s Brew, and walking from the parking lot to the radio station each morning and afternoon with the help of my Powersteps insoles,” he told KSR. His confidence level? "10." And working in Shannon's favor, the forecast looks pretty perfect. (I hope I didn't KSR curse him by saying the forecast looks pretty perfect, but it does look pretty perfect. Gorgeous weather for a walk.) To learn more about PowerStep, which Shannon should do, watch this video:

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