Should Richie Farmer's Jersey Be Removed from Rupp's Rafters?

Brennan Englishabout 8 years


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1pf4Jy.AuSt.79 Mark Story asked a question that, surprisingly, I haven't heard from more Kentucky fans in my immediate circle-- and I work in Frankfort; Richie Farmer is a hot topic. The question of course is, should Richie Farmer's jersey be taken down from the rafters of Rupp Arena? John wrote Thursday about the fall of Clay County's own folk hero and Unforgettable, discussing how a simple man just did what came naturally--took advantage of his position for his own gain. But should a man who misused taxpayer dollars from the state that loved him, and is soon to be in federal prison, be hanging in Rupp's hallowed rafters? Mitch Barnhart doesn't have a definitive answer, "not really an issue I've ever come across before. ... We'll take a look at other hall of fames, how they've addressed these things. I don't want to have anyone 'knee-jerk' into any kind of decision that says, 'We've got to do this tomorrow.' I don't think that's fair to anybody." Ken Trivette, the executive director of the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches said, "If anyone asks me, I would be against (removing Farmer). What got him inducted is what he did as a basketball player. That has not changed because he's made mistakes later in his adult life." We all understand that Richie Farmer, along with the 3 guys he graduated with, are in a special class all their own--even more so than the other retired jerseys that hang in Rupp Arena.  C.M. Newtown said it best when he surprised the Unforgettables with the retired jerseys, "No one can match what you've done," Newton told the four. "You truly put your heart into wearing the Kentucky jersey."
We're all flawed; having a jersey retired for contributions to a University's athletic program isn't the same as being canonized a saint, nor does it create the expectation one must become one (Rick Pitino cough..15 seconds..cough.) Yet, the Richie Farmer situation is a unique one for UK; he played at a publicly funded university, then proceeded to steal public funds. Yet he will still always be an Unforgettable.
Mark Story thinks we should leave the jersey up in Rupp, but that it should be open to discussion. What say you?

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