Show thread! Show thread! I repeat, THIS IS THE SHOW THREAD!!!

Show thread! Show thread! I repeat, THIS IS THE SHOW THREAD!!!

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
dick-gabriel My sincerest apologies to those of you who have been unable to find the show thread each morning when you come to KSR.  Hopefully, we've found a correction for that.  If this doesn't work, just hit yourself over the head with a hammer.  Or, maybe you could just call over the man pictured above, Lexington radio personality Dick Gabriel, a 5th degree black belt in what looks like Horse Farm Kwon Do, to kick you in the head.  Matt sometimes talks about how Gabriel "fought hard" to keep KSR off the radio and now you can clearly see why.  It's because he's the best...aroooouuuuunnnd...Nothing's gonna ever keep him down! Anyway, as has been the case all week, your participation in the comments' section gives you a chance to win some money. Each day, the two best comments will be selected by Matt and Zach and placed into a Friday drawing for $200, courtesy of Fan Outfitters.  Today's topics include:

* The upcoming game with South Carolina

* The death of the great Uncle Leo

* The Mitch Barnhart contract extension battle:  Board of Trustees vs. Lee Todd

* More talk on the possibility of the NBA in Louisville

* Kentucky and where they stand for the SEC Tournament

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