Side effects of the NBA lockout

Katie Martinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Katie MartinKatie Martin
 nba-lockout It's been discussed to death how the looming NBA lockout has effected this year's draft decisions.  We all know that Wall and Cousins would probably have gone either way, but I'd venture to guess that the threat of the lockout after the 2010-11 NBA season has weighed on the minds of guys like Orton and Bledsoe, and probably most of all Patterson.  But is there some sort of silver lining to the lockout for college basketball? Rush the Court has an interesting article about the effect of the potential lockout on next year's freshmen.  If it does happen, those that want to declare next spring may face a year in limbo or play overseas for a year while it all gets straightened out.  I'd guess that many would chose just to come back and hone their skills for one more year, something that has most fans (expecially Kentucky ones) drooling.  I just kind of wish all this would have happened a year earlier.

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