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Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wsaz_pix_patterson-signing_07.jpeg Today is a day that we recruitniks all get excited about and call in sick for work to get ready for. Yes ladies and gents, it is college basketball Signing Day. Unlike its college football counterpart, there are rarely surprises on this day as most of the big commits out there have long ago made their decision and the signing of the papers is simply a formality that the local newspaper can use for a front page story next to the "Fido the Firefighting Wonder Dog speaks to Elementary School" headline. As a matter of fact, I cant remember a big "Signing Day" story in....well, ever. Fall signing day is essentially a time for the guys you know you have locked up to make it official (say hello Deandre and Darius) and for the rating services to give their Top 20s that will impact the fate of coaches across the nation. But today however is different, at least in the Bluegrass state. For today, Chris Singleton picks his future university of academic excellence. Whereas just a few months ago, this decision seemed a foregone conclusion for the Tennessee Bruce Pearls, now today it is down to F$U and Kentucky, with the outcome in doubt. Most of the national experts tend to suggest that Florida State is the likely recipient of Singleton's services and many signs point in that direction. The Rivals and Scout head recruiting gurus suggest Florida State is the leader, his AAU teammate (whose father he lives with) committed to Florida State this week and most of the "leaked" info has been of the Seminole variety. But nevertheless, I have a lingering nag in my stomach that suggests something may be up. I have two relatively good sources on this, one of whom says F$U, but the other sneakingly smiles and says that UK has a better shot than the national folks think. We shall see. We have been through this many times in the past. Darius Rice, Randolph Morris and Patrick Patterson all gave signing ceremonies that had everyone waiting in anticipation for the final decision and misinformation flying in each direction. Today's decision will come at 2:45 pm and we will have coverage as it happens and will give you the info as soon as it is spoken from Mr. Singleton. Make no mistake, this is a big decision for the Cats. Chris Singleton is needed and the big man ranks are thin without him. These "nights before" big decisions always leave me wondering how kids do this and if they realize what the impact of their decision will be. All across Kentucky there are literally thousands of UK fans, of all ages, desperately looking for any nugget of info that will suggest the decision that Chris has likely already made. And Chris himself is likely just sleeping or watching the game, potentially oblivious to the commotion he is causing in Owsley County. There is something beautiful about that. We will be ready all day with whatever we hear. Stay tuned......its D-Day for Chris its not Jai and no its not Patrick....but it is a big deal nonetheless.... And while you are waiting, remember as Kige says, whatever is on the desk when Chris make his decision, is probably just a prop:

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