Six Hypothetical Reality TV Shows For Your Favorite 90s Musicians

Six Hypothetical Reality TV Shows For Your Favorite 90s Musicians

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Last week, Salt-n-Pepa revealed that they are developing a new cooking show.  The new series would show the duo cooking at home.  The camera crew would also go behind the scenes with them as the ladies go on the road and interview other chefs.

It is impressive that both Salt and Pepa had the foresight to name themselves such a versatile moniker.  Not only can they rap and sing about pushing it “real good,” the name can translate to a cooking show as well.

Here are a few other versatile artists from the past who can transcend music and develop their own reality series: 


Show Title: Creep: Keeping It On The Down-low 

Artist: TLC

The Pitch: The show would be a cross between Cheaters and Charlie’s Angels, but with more silk pajamas blown open by oscillating fans.  Both T-Boz and Chilli would investigate suspected partners who are creeping on the down-low.  I whole-heartedly believe that if Usher made a guest appearance the ratings would soar.


Show Title: You Oughta Know

Artist: Alanis Morissette

The Pitch: Similar to The Newlywed Game, couples are asked questions about their soul mate.  The only catch is, if the contestant answers the question incorrectly, the inquirer has to reply, ” You, You, You Oughta Know ” (Alanis plays the part of Alex Trebek in this show.  She’s Canadian.  She’s smug and she oughta know!


Show Title: Meet Virginia

Artist: Train

The Pitch: A camera crew follows around Train as they visit Historic Williamsburg, The Virginia Zoological Park, Downtown Richmond, VA and more! The catch is they must arrive by….you guessed it–Train!


Show Title: Crash Test Kitchen: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Artist: Crash Test Dummies

The Pitch: Once there was this band who developed a show where they would test a restaurants food before they opened.  When they truly enjoy a dish, they pronounce it delicious by saying “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.”  It’s that obvious.

Montell Jordan

Show Title: This Is How We Do It (This Is How We Do It)

Artist: Montell Jordan

The Pitch: Ever since I was a lowercase g, I’ve always enjoyed the segment of Mr. Rogers that showcased how stuff is made.  Now that I’m a big G, I would enjoy a show where Montell does it like nobody does.  The show would reveal how factories make pretzels, slinkys and that handy sleeve for your coffee cup. The best part of the show would be the tagline.  Just as the finished product rolls down the conveyor belt, Montell sings “This is how they did it!”

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