Skal Labissiere shoots down claims Kentucky "used him wrong"
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Skal Labissiere shoots down claims Kentucky "used him wrong"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 5 years


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.38.15 AM I think it's safe to say Skal Labissiere didn't have the freshman season he expected at Kentucky. The seven-footer from Haiti came to Lexington with huge expectations, which he failed to fulfill, and even though he's recaptured his mojo in recent workouts with NBA teams, he passed on the opportunity to take a shot at Kentucky and Calipari. In an interview with Basketball Insider's Alex Kennedy yesterday, Skal debunked the myth that Kentucky "used him wrong" during his freshman year. 

Kennedy: "We were posting some stuff on social media, and people were like, 'Kentucky just used him wrong!'. There was so much about your game you didn't get to show, was it nice to come out and show a lot of components to your game today?"

Skal: "It was nice, people say that, but Kentucky really helped me a lot, I would say. Coach Cal did a really good job at pushing me every single day at practice. At games, I had to learn a lot at Kentucky, so I definitely think that will help me at the next level. Now, everything else is kind of easier because of my experience at Kentucky. It was good to come out there and show I have some more in my package but we worked on it at Kentucky, we worked on it here, when I got here at IMG [Academy], they did a really good job at expanding my game, and I'm just really thankful for it."

Skal was so impressive in yesterday's workout that he now has workouts scheduled with most teams in the top ten, and most believe he'll be off the board by the eleventh pick, which belongs to the Orlando Magic. Also of note in this interview: Skal says he's back up to 220 lbs., the weight he was before he came to Kentucky. I'm not sure if that speaks more to UK's strength and conditioning program or just the fact that Skal is working out 24/7 now, but noteworthy nonetheless. Check out his comments in the video below:

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