Skip Bayless Meets Anthony Davis' Midsection

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Just one day after being interviewed on First Take by Skip Bayless, a video comes out of Anthony Davis showing Skip the respect he deserves: none. ESPN's shock-jock/middle-age-crisis cowboy was introduced to Anthony Davis' midsection in a terrible way. Okay, it wasn't that bad because it really wasn't him. It was just a cardboard cutout. But you can imagine what it would be like, right? Thought so. Now check out this video of Anthony Davis dunking on a cardboard cutout of Skip Bayless. Let's see how the judges weighed in: Tom Crean: "I've been thinking about AD's dunks a lot since last season. A whole lot. And that's just a decent one. 6/10" Rick Pitino: "1/10 for elevation. 10/10 for groin placement." LeBron James: "I hate Skip Bayless. I love Anthony Davis. 8/10" This video took place at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot The consensus is that this dunk does not come close to topping Davis' dunk from the blue courts last year. Although the fan's roundhouse kick does match up pretty evenly with Anthony's weak stomp on the Bayless cutout.  

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