Slooooow Wednesday Afternoon Notes

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john-wall-wrigley1 While today serves as a historic and redeeming moment for Bryan the Intern and everyone else who has ever struggled with proper spelling, the news remains very, very, very slow. It's a lot like last night's game except there's no George Mason - VCU game to save you from the first half of your work day. A couple of notes... - In case you haven't heard yet, Coach Cal is enjoying his 51st birthday today by posing with the guys for a SLAM magazine piece. With GameDay on the horizon and a family at home, I'm guessing he's not out patrolling for all-you-can-drink specials, yet another "for the first time since..." on his Kentucky resume.  And, just because I love me, take a look at Clyde's birthday party last year. - You hear that silence? That's all the pre-game buzz for the North Carolina - Duke game tonight. Universally billed by ESPN as the greatest rivalry in college sports, the game is taking some shots this year due to North Carolina's poor record and many people are asking "Why not us?" in regard to their school and their most hated rival. Andy Katz tweeted that the Louisville - UK rivalry is the second-best in college basketball and added that the reason for it's not in the top spot is the Filthy Cards' track record of playing musical conferences. - Also, don't forget that tomorrow night is the premier of Under the Lights: Kentucky basketball. The program will air at 9 eastern time on Fox Sports South. Coach Cal got all dressed up for it. - If you hurry up, you can catch ESPN's First Take discussing if John Wall or DeMarcus Cousins is the most valuable piece of Kentucky's puzzle. And, with no other relevent news out there, what better debate topic than that? Get after it in the comments section.

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