Small Chad Gray Update

Matt Jones07/30/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
This weekend we told you about the upcoming visit of Chad Gray (and yes, that hair is OUTSTANDING), South Carolina UBER-athlete, who is scheduled to visit Kentucky this week and is a member of the 06 class. A former Florida St FOOTBALL commitment with athleticism through the roof, Gray could give Kentucky a type of athlete that they simply have not had in quite a long time. A little birdie told me that Gray has told those around him that his decision will be either Oklahoma St or Kentucky (although he may visit Virginia Tech) and this same birdie said that the Kentucky call "made his eyes light up." Either way the decision will be made quickly and likely by the end of the week. In other news, Tyrone Nash will also decide by the end of the week, meaning by Friday Kentucky could have two new players or no new players. Should be interesting.

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