So What Do We Do About Katz?

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
katzjones Potentially the blurriest picture not taken by Drew, in site history Over the last couple of months, the success of the KSR Podcast has shocked us. From hitting #1 on iTunes to having various political candidates come and join us, the podcast has become yet another absurd moment in the great tradition of absurdity that is KSR. However now we are faced with a full-up crisis. What does Kentucky Sports Radio do with Andy Katz? I will admit that early on, I was not a Katz guy. He never returned our emails in the early days and on television he seemed like a guy that probably wasnt really the KSR type. But then I met him at UK's game versus Morehead and he couldnt have been nicer. He saw me arguing with a newspaper writer (another story in itself), asked if I was "causing trouble" and then told me read the site and enjoyed it. Damn you Andy Katz, he had made me like him. He said at the Morehead game that he would love to do the KSR Podcast with us when he came to town for North Carolina. Needless to say we were excited. Because we fancy ourselves as Kentucky's version of Around the Horn (loud and without purpose), a Katz appearance would be big. But then, Katz stood us up. Well he didnt exactly stand us up...he said that while he would LOVE to do it, he could only stay for a minute, so what if he did it after the Louisville game, when he could hang out for the whole show and have fun. Drew and the others were skeptical, but I was hopeful and said sure...Katz still loves us. Then came Saturday. I saw Katz at the game and he said hello, but the same sparkle wasnt in his eye. He had the look of "uh oh, the day of podcast reckoning has come." I asked him if he was still joining us and he said yes and that he would be ready 2 hours after the game. We were excited. I was in the media room as the KSR crew set up (and drank) in the Hyatt to get ready for the big event. When I arrived after the Calipari press conference, the table was set and we had a GREAT show, with Jeff Goodman, Gary Parrish and Kenny the Turkey Hunter, Drew, Will Lentz and Hubby firing on all cylinders. Then we finished all the segments except the was 7:45, 15 minutes before Katz was to arrive. We waited....and waited...then came 8....8:15...and at 8:30 we gave up. He had stood us up again. So we taped the final segment. Turkey Hunter and Drew made some comments about the situation that still make me laugh just to think about, and then we packed up and went home. At 9:15, Andy texted me and said he was sorry and would do it again soon. But the die had already been cast. So that leaves us with the question, what do we do about Andy Katz? I dont think he has been big-timing us, so I cant just hate him circa Seth Davis 2007. I also dont think he is a bad guy, so we cant just blast him as we do other local writers who get the blood pressure rising. So what do we do? The mocking humor of Drew Franklin and Turkey Hunter seems like an appropriate response, but should the KSR Nation and KSR crew do something else? Use the comments to let me know your thoughts. And if you are into hosting a future KSR podcast (we are booked through Jan 23), email me at [email protected] If you are within driving distance and have something fun (either your location or the crowd you can bring), we will show up. And someone at EKU needs to have us over, to let the EKU girls get their revenge on Drew Franklin. Here is the podcast in question. What should Andy's fate be? [podcast]/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Hyatt-UK-UL-podcast.mp3[/podcast]

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