So what do you do with oil money anyway...

by:John Dubya09/13/06
To quote the prominent scholar, Chris Rock, “there’s rich….and then there’s wealthy. Shaq’s rich…the guy that signs his check, is wealthy.” Yesterday, at the Keeneland Sept. Yearlings sale here in Lexington, Rock’s theorem reached new heights, as Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai was throwing millions around like he was in Hal Mumme’s hurry-up offense (of course, we all know this analogy to be flawed…). The head honcho of one of the world’s most affluent countries, Sheikh Mohammed has been for many years setting the bar at previously unheard of heights with his thoroughbred spending. In just two days at the sale, the Sheikh has racked up a $56 million dollar bill--including a staggering $11.7 million for a Kingmambo colt yesterday afternoon--all for horses that have yet to don a saddle. Of course, when you can spend this kind of stew on horses, having to eat a few mil here and there isn’t going to ruin your Ramadan. Just drive by Bluegrass Airport and take a gander at the Sheikh’s pair of 737’s just chillin’ on the runway as if they’re a couple of Honda civics; Donald Trump would be this guy’s pool boy. Come on,they built a ski-slope in the middle of the desert for crying out loud...that's wealth. If you’ve never ventured out to Keeneland for the sales, I highly recommend the trip. The atmosphere of the pavilion when these billionaires get caught up in a good ol’ fashioned bidding war is something you just have to witness for yourself. You can sense the testosterone; it smells like horse sh** and cash. The Sept. Yearling Sale runs through 9/25. “Next on MTV Cribs, we travel to Dubai to see where Sheikh Mohammed gets his rule on”: Tink you Creebs for coming to my palace…eef I’d had known you were coming, I would have peeked up a beet. Here ees my fridge…Thees is all you need right here. Corona Light. Eeny ba-dy will tell you, you are not nossing unteel you geet some Corona….And Heer ees my bed, where all dee, how do you say, majeek happens.

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