So What Now?

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
So the Cats have Oxford to a fairly bad Ole Miss team. The game follows a three game stretch where the Cats havent played all that well and have not looked the same as the team that demolished the Vols in Knoxville. So the question now lingers....what will be Kentucky's record at the end of SEC play in conference? For a couple of weeks, some Cat fans were predicting outlandish results, including those with the delusion to believe that this collection of players would be only the second UK team of all time to finish the regular and conference tournament season undefeated. But the Oxford loss has taken those thoughts away and reality is now closer to everyone's mind. For me, the answer is the same.....I still see this team at 13-3. I think they win all the home games, lose at Florida and drop one of the South Carolina, Vandy, Arkansas road games. That puts them at 13-3 and allows the Cats (if they were to win the SEC Tournament) to potentially find themselves as a 4/5 seed in the Big Dance. What say you however? Do you believe the shine is off this group or are they still headed for a great run? Its your call peeps.....

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