So where do we go from here?

Matt Jones09/04/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Lots of folks out there are jumping off the Kentucky bandwagon today and are ready to say that there is no possible way this season can be a success. I will not be one of those people. I will not jump off the bandwagon because I was never on it.....I have always believed this team would only win 5 games, and nothing I saw yesterday has changed that. Nevertheless, I do think that a lot of the handwringing from Sunday's game is more than justified. While various people had a number of interpretations of what would constitute "success" by this team this season, all agreed on one thing.....there had to be tangible, on the field improvement. Maybe some will disagree, but I dont know how anyone could make the argument that improvement was shown yesterday. The defense was utterly pathetic, having the ball run down their throats by the Louisville third string running back and getting less pressure on the quarterback than at any time in recent memory. The offense, while string together some big plays, never mounted a consistent drive and until the second quarter looked completely inept. The team's true talent....running the ball....was rendered completely ineffective by the inability of the offense to get the ball in Rafeal Little's hand at any point. Absent a couple of long pass plays and a kickoff return, the score could have gone from bad to epic. What will happen next? Well Kentucky will likely beat Texas St (although it may be much closer than we like) and then Ole Miss comes to town. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Ole Miss game represents the most important game of Rich Brooks' tenure and will define the season. Ole Miss (who looked good in their win over Memphis) is the only (in my view) winnable sixth game on the schedule and if Kentucky lays an egg in this one, the thought of a successful season is hard to fathom. Bottom two weeks we will know one way or the other. September 16th is the day. The Kentucky Sports Radio girls will be making their debut and Rich Brooks will have his future decided. That is a game to attend.

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