So Who Is Elliott Porter?

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As you know by now, yesterday was UK Fan Day.  If you follow Matt’s twitter, you also know that we were payed a visit by Elliott Porter.  So, if you were like me, you were left wondering who he is and why he’s important.  Here’s a quick run down.

Elliott Porter is a three star defensive tackle that would be a part of this years freshman class.  He is from Louisianna, and likely because of this committed to play for LSU.  Little did he know, Les Miles apparently never passed grade school arithmetic, and there wasn’t actually a spot for him on the team after all.  Or at least he was banking on someone not qualifying.  Because when all 27 freshmen did qualify academically, two players had to be cut.

Porter has an offer for to greyshirt but has also been granted release from LSU and has begun openly looking for a team to join.  He visited Kentucky yesterday, but has also mentioned being interested in the Dooley’s Vols down south.

There doesn’t seem to be a particular time table on making his decision, but as Porter would be available to play this year, it’s likely he will make his decision as quickly as possible to get started right away. Porter is talented as a DT, but over the summer had been prepping for a switch to the offensive line, so his signing could be big for a Kentucky team with some question marks on both sides of the ball.

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