So Who Would You Hire at Tennessee?
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So Who Would You Hire at Tennessee?

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Bobby P So the search is on for a new coach for the Dreaded Vols in Knoxville. In my view this coaching decision has HUGE ramification for the future of the Tennessee football program. Without an obvious recruiting base and with the SEC getting better, especially at the bottom, Tennessee risks turning into a Nebraska, a once dominant power unable to recapture its glory in the parity of today's college football world. Lots of names have already said they arent interested. David Cutcliffe is out, Steve Spurrier said nah and even Mark Richt told them to take a hike (although it isnt clear he was even on anyone's minds. Bobby Petrino has suggested he could be called (but he always suggests that) and Mike Leach aint talking. So the question becomes, if you were Tennessee, who would you hire? I take the same line I took with Kentucky basketball....try and hire a guy who built a successful program at a mid-level BCS or top-tier non-BCS school. So I would be calling Mike "I am 40, I'm a MAN" Gundy at Oklahoma State, Chris Peterson at Boise State or someone of that ilk. You can go for the big name, but remember what Bill Callahan taught us at Nebraska....big name pro guys and college football dont always work. So what say you? Who should coach the Big Orange?

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