Solomon Alibi loves you

by:Matt Jones07/23/06
This is a post from our beloved recruiting reporter MOSLEY who accompanied Matt Jones to Indianapolis for the recent Nike Camp OK, so Matt and I have been painfully slow reporting on the NIKE All-America Camp in Indianapolis. Why, even Teddy Roosevelt got word that McKinley had been killed faster than we've gotten this info to you (What, too soon to make a William McKinley/assasinated joke?) Anyway, we have now gotten the pictures (all five of them) onto a CD and plan to make the next week or so ridiculous with information--although my information will be poor, spotty, and unreliable at best. Matt's work speaks for itself, and it sounds something like Bobcat Goldthwait. Firstly, I had the good fortune, ney, priviledge of interviewing a highly-regarded Nigerian native in the 2007 class at the NIKE Camp. His name? Soloman Alibi. Matt had asked me if I would mind getting a pic of the 7-footer, so I waited till he finished with the real media and wondered over to him to ask his permission. He very politely agreed to pose and I proceeded to try to take a picture with a digital camera that had shut down because I hadn't taken a picture in some time. As I fumbled the camera, trying to make it work, I realized that he was just standing there waiting patiently. To break the awkwardness, I first told him that he had the coolest name at the camp and told him it sounded like a villain from a James Bond movie. He smiled politely, although I'm certain he had no idea what I was talking about. The awkwardness continued as I asked him to tell me what schools he was looking at. Unfortunately, due to my fiddling with the camera and his thick Nigerian accent, I couldn't make out if the first school was Kentucky. Furthermore, I now can't remember the other three, but I distinctly recall that the last school he said was,"FSU". I then asked, all the while trying to make the camera work, "Who would you say is your leader currently?" I managed to hear him say "FSU" again and he then proceeded to tell me why he liked FSU (which I can only assume meant Florida State), although I was still working on my camera. Finally, the camera was ready and I pointed the camera upwards at a 45 degree angle to get a good shot of KSR's newest friend. I would love to share with you that picture, but it is mind-numbingly large and we dont know how to fix it. Technology is not our strong suit. After I had blinded Mr. Alibi with the camera's flash that I couldn't seem to turn off, I thanked him and he went off of his merry way, surely thinking that I was a moron and that the last 2 minutes of his life were a waste. You might ask, "But Mosley, did you see him play? Is he any good?" My answer would be that we did see him play a little, although he was hurt and didn't participate much on Friday or Saturday, and that when he did play he was, well, an awkward seven-footer. Translation: HE IS PERFECT FOR UK!!!, especially considering that our "awkard seven-footer" quota is one away from being filled. He was better on offense than defense, actively calling for the ball and showcasing a few decent moves in the post. Defensively, he fouled way too much (again, perfect match) when he tried to block shots, and overall, his conditioning was poor/OK at best. I feel that he would need at least a year of refinement in order to help a program in a significant way. But, I'm no Branch Rickey, so he might end up being Bob McAdoo next year (trust me, McAdoo was good). Despite my evaluation, lots of top programs are looking at Alibi and word is that Kentucky is one of those schools. Stay tuned as I continue to relate how terrible my interviewing skills are, and show you how NOT to come across as credible.

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